Issue 14 and Volume 66.

SUGGESTIONS FOR FIRE PREVENTION DAY State Fire Marshal Friedley, of Indiana, Offers Some Valuable Hints for the Observance of October 9—Proclamations by Governors of States—President Kenlon’s Letter to Chiefs—Mr. Wentworth on Chief’s Part in Work The following suggestions, offered by State Fire Marshal H. H. Friedley. of Indiana, are so excellent that we are moved to republish them in full: Appointment of Committee It is our Huggeation that the mayor of every city, and the town clerk of every town, appoint a Fire Prevention Committee, to consist of possibly ten men and women, representing, respectively, the city rovernrrent. the Chamber of Commerce, the Are department, the public Hchoola. the women’s clubs, and the locM fire insurance men, with the mayor acting as chairman of the committee. The duties of this committee would he to attend to such details as arrringing for public meetings, school exercises, inspection of property, etc At…

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