An Unusual Accident

Issue 14 and Volume 66.

An Unusual Accident The following special report by the St. Louis. Mo., fire prevention bureau, of which George A. Madison is the chief inspector, describes a very unusual accident and emphasizes the necessity of insisting upon the installation of reliable relief valves in air lines, both in new installation of sprinklers, and in old equipments, in cases where these have been omitted originally: Special Report—J. H. Conrades Chair Co., et al., N. E. Cor. 2nd & Tyler Sts. Volume 3. Page 133. City Block 293. On July 12th, 1919, about 10:00 a. m., the head of one end of the pressure tank for the sprinkler equipment in the above premises blew out with a loud report and great force, apparentlyloosening at the bottom first, blowing the head partly through the roof, breaking some sprinkler pipes, then falling down on the floor, breaking holes through the floor as it fell. The…

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