Value of Water Purification to St. Louis

Issue 15 and Volume 66.

Value of Water Purification to St. Louis Water Commissioner Wall, of St. Louis, Mo., in a paper read before the sanitary engineering session of the American Public Health Association at New Orleans, La., gives figures as to the value of water purification to St. Louis in preventing typhoid fever. It was noted, he says, that after the opening of the Chicago drainage canal in 1900 the deaths from typhoid in St. Louis increased from 23 to each 100,000 of population in 1899 to 47 in 1903. Early in 1904 clarification of water was begun in St. Louis, and in that year the typhoid mortality rate dropped to 36.23 in 1904 and to 18.97 in 1905. In 1914, the year before the opening of the filtering plant now in use, it had been reduced to 12.43. The commissioner figures that in the 11 years from 1904 to 1916, with water clarification,…

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