Issue 15 and Volume 66.

WATER WORKS NEWS Water works employes in Toledo, Ohio, were recently put on a basis of hourly pay and have petitioned to be restored to the monthly pay system. Service Director Goodwillie recommended that the request be granted and the old method is again in force. The Clinton, Mass., water commissioners anticipate there will be an additional pressure in the mains of between 8 and 12 pounds by putting into effect a plan to draw water directly from Lower Lynds Basin into the town mains. A recent item stating that low water pressure hampered the fire department of Springfield, Mass., in operation in a portion of the suburbs, was an unjust reflection on the excellent water system of that city as the instance referred to occurred in West Springfield which is a separate, incorporated town. In the inaugural address of President Leguia, of Peru, he stated that the government is…

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