Fire Destroys Macaroni Plant in Long Island City

Issue 16 and Volume 66.

Fire Destroys Macaroni Plant in Long Island City On the cover of this issue is illustrated firemen of the New York City department at work on the fire which recently destroyed three-fourths of the large plant of the Atlantic Macaroni Company, at Long Island City, N. Y. The cause of the fire is unknown, as it started in a building in which there had been no one working for several weeks, as a strike had cut down the force of workers. The plant occupies an entire city block and comprises four buildings, two of them six stories high, and two immense grain elevators. The fire was discovered at 8 a. m. by the night superintendent and the factory whistles were blown immediately, while an alarm was pulled. Battalion Chief Reed of Long Island City arrived quickly and at once sent out a second alarm which brought Deputy Chief O’Hara, who,…

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