A Shortsighted Policy

Issue 23 and Volume 66.

A Shortsighted Policy Two unfortunately typical instances of a policy that too often prevails in some of the smaller communities of our country, and which, by reason of its niggardliness, is entirely blind to the necessities of fire prevention, came to the notice of the editor recently. Both of the towns in question, while having a well-organized fire department, yet, by reason of the shortsighted economy of the city fathers, have only small hand reels with which to fight fires in the property of considerable value within their confines. In each instance, the councils have been petitioned to provide the needed apparatus, but can only see the initial expense and have not vision enough to realize that with the first large fire many times the purchase price of the needed motor engine will inevitably go up in smoke. Besides this, there is the reduction in insurance rates that fire prevention…

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