A New Process in the Manufacture of Butt-Weld Pipe

Issue 23 and Volume 66.

A New Process in the Manufacture of Butt-Weld Pipe In buying butt-weld pipe, the purchaser usually considers several things, such as its durability, strength of weld, threading qualities, ductility, uniformity, etc., but the undesirable factor of mill-scale or welding scale is usually overlooked, because its presence on the exterior and interior of butt-weld pipe has so long been considered inevitable that it is practically forgotten at the time of purchase. But this scale sometimes proves a source of trouble after the pipe is installed, as it has a tendency to work loose and drop off, lodging in valves, clogging delicate apparatus and increasing any tendency to galvanic action (corrosion) which may be present in the line. Furthermore, if the pipe is coated or galvanized to resist or minimize deleterious influences, any scale which becomes loose and drops off, naturally carries along with it portions of this protective coating, leaving the…

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