Test of Foam Type Extinguishers

Issue 23 and Volume 66.

Test of Foam Type Extinguishers An interesting demonstration of the fire extinguishing properties of Foamite Firefoam, manufactured by the company of that name, with offices at 200 Fifth Avenue, New York city, was given on November 20, at Hunters Point Avenue and Meadow Street, Long Island city, N. Y. The scene of the tests was a vacant lot at the before mentioned address. A series of experiments, tending to show what the Firefoam could do under the most severe conditions, were made, and in each instance were successful in demonstrating the value of this type of fire extinguisher. One of these, the most severe, was the extinguishing of a fire in a tank of oil 15 feet in diameter, which was allowed to burn for several minutes before the Foamite was turned into the tank through pipes especially laid from a mixing apparatus. When the foam was turned into the…

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