Issue 23 and Volume 66.

RECENT IMPORTANT FIRES As Specially Reported to this Journal from All Sections of the Country—Louisville Department Checks Fire with Dangerous Possibilities—Vertical Openings not Properly Protected Cause Loss in Seattle—Other Fires A Small Fire with Possibilities of Great Extension A spark from a locomotive passing recently lodged in some dry rubbish in a coal warehouse along the Ohio River front, Louisville, Ky., and soon developed into a fire that called all the resources of the fire department. The alarm was pulled at 5.30 A. M. and telephone call likewise sent, but when the department arrived, under command of Chief Arnold Neuenschwander, the sheds were “a seething furnace,” all parts of the wooden structure, which was 30 x 205 feet and 42 feet high, being thoroughly involved. The 105 men engaged employed 6 Ahrens and 1 LaFrance steamers, 3 Ahrens-Fox and 1 Seagrave pumpers, 2 American – La -France and 2 Seagrave…

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