Issue 23 and Volume 66.

WATER WORKS NEWS The twin cities of Bristol, Va., and Bristol, Tenn., are considering the advisability of developing a joint water supply system. The Sharon Water Works, which supplies the residents of Farrell, Pa., with water, has recently extended its lines in that town, much to the satisfaction of the community. The water company supplying the town of Ada, Ohio, has asked the State Public Utilities Commission for permission to cease operations, as it cannot make money enough to pay its bills. Engineer Hardin, of Newton, N. J., has completed a survey of Lake Rutherfurd for the Borough of Sussex. The lake, recently purchased by the borough, is the source of the town’s water supply. The water department of Westfield, Mass., has replaced the wooden spillway at the Montgomery reservoir with a concrete run, as the wooden one was found to be insanitary from the fact that it harbored germs.…

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