Issue 23 and Volume 66.

OBITUARY Frederic P. Stearns Frederic P. Stearns, one of the most widely known consulting engineers in this country, died at his home in Boston, Mass., on December 1. It was Mr. Stearn’s report that was adopted for the Metropolitan Water system, which now supplies Boston and 19 neighboring cities and is regarded as one of the finest municipal developments in the country. He served as chief engineer for that work, and was awarded a gold medal at the Paris Exposition for his part in the origination of that system. This was separate from the medal given to the exhibition of the system itself, and was a personal award. Mr. Stearns was born in Calais, Me., November 11, 1851 and was a lineal descendant of Isaac Stearns, who settled in Watertown in 1630. At the age of eighteen he went to Boston and entered the city surveyor’s office and while there…

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