Issue 23 and Volume 66.

AN ANCIENT WATER SYSTEM The Remarkably Efficient Series of Reservoirs Built for the Water Supply of Aden, about the Year 600 A. D.— Primitive Sedimentation Basins. THE ancient city of Aden is situated on a peninsula extending into the Gulf of Aden, which washes the coast of Arabia. This peninsula is about 15 miles in circumference, of an irregular formation, five miles in its greater and three in its lesser diameter, connected with the continent by a narrow neck of land, some 1,300 yards in breadth, which at high spring tides is in some places covered by the sea. The formation is purely volcanic and it is surrounded on three sides with precipitous lava cliffs, the highest being 1,775 feet in altitude. The town lies within the crater thus formed. A System of Reservoirs The most remarkable feature of the city is its ancient water works, a reproduction of part…

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