The Isolated Sewage Disposal Problem

Issue 26 and Volume 66.

The Isolated Sewage Disposal Problem A problem that is distinctly one of the small town and country district and yet that is. nevertheless, one that indirectly affects the larger communities, is that of the disposal of the sewage from the scattered homes in not very thickly settled sections. An expensive sewerage system in these instances is practically out of the question, and yet the alternative of the insanitary cesspool is becoming more and more of a menace, not only to these dwellers in the wide spaces, but also to the inhabitants of the surrounding cities and towns. Too often, in the farm houses and isolated dwellings, the unspeakable outside privy, with its myriad of disease breeding flies, is the only means of disposing of sewage, and it is very hard to make the dwellers in these homes understand the risk they are running themselves, and the menace the maintenance of…

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