Issue 26 and Volume 66.

BAYONNE SUBMARINE PIPE LINE Description of the Laying of Water Pipe Crossing Under the River by One of the Engineers Who Accomplished the Work—1,800 Feet Flexible Joint Submarine Pipe Used—Methods Employed—Very Small Leakage TO allow for the expansion of the Federal Shipbuilding Company and also for the delivery of an adequate water supply to the City of Bayonne through a substantially built system, a contract to lay two lines of 30-inch land pipe about 3,300 feet long and two lines of 30-inch flexible joint submarine pipe about 1,800 feet long, was entered into to replace unsafe lines which had been in service and running through the Federal Shipbuilding Company’s property and crossing the Hackensack River with two 18-inch flexible joint lines. Submarine Work Interesting The submarine work was particularly interesting and finished in good time by the Snare & Triest Company, contractors. under the direction of Morris R. Sherrerd, consulting…

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