Issue 26 and Volume 66.

WIRED GLASS AS A FIRE RETARDANT Effective Life Depends Upon Freedom of Air Circulation—Relatively Low Value as Heat Insulator—Standard Test Requirements—Definitions of Fire Exposures—Proper Uses of Wired Glass IN treating my subject, I propose to be guided by the following plan and to give: First, the physical properties of wired glass. Second, the test requirements which devices containing wired glass are required to withstand. Third, the precautions in construction which it has been found necessary to observe in order that devices supporting wired glass may comply with test specifications. Fourth, a brief discussion of fire windows and other devices in which wired glass is used. Fifth, places where wired glass may be used to advantage and places where it should not be used, and Sixth, a summary. It is not necessary, of course, to tell this audience what wired glass is, but as its exact specifications may not be familiar…

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