Spontaneous Combustion Again

Issue 26 and Volume 66.

Spontaneous Combustion Again Another case of spontaneous combustion is found in a fire that recently caused serious damage to the David Nackman Cotton Warehouse in Augusta, Ga. The building was two stories in height, about 20 years old and occupied a space 130×150 feet in the cotton district, on a 40-foot street. Chief Frank G. Reynolds states that the fire originated on the second floor in an open area of about 11,000 square feet, the floor covered with loose cotton. The fact that the fire shutters were closed as it was Sunday, so that ventilation was completely lacking, was responsible for the generating of gases in the dust and cotton lint that resulted in an explosion which blew out 80 feet of the rear wall and set fire to the cotton stored. The alarm was given at 7.26 P. M. and the department responded so promptly, under command of Chief…

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