Issue 26 and Volume 66.

FILTRATION The water works system of Bellaire, Ohio, is being improved by the installation of a chlorine filter plant. The East Side filtration plant to be built for the city of Cleveland, Ohio, will cost $5,000,000, which is just $2,000,000 more than the estimated cost three years ago. A number of complaints from the residents of Triadelphia, W. Va., caused investigation of the water supply, and analysis was made with the result that the water was declared to be absolutely safe and pure. In the city of Jacksonville, Fla., five samples of water from the water works are tested daily, and twice a month nine samples of water taken from the distribution system are tested by the city bacteriologist, H. N. Parker. In this way, it is impossible for contamination to remain undiscovered if any should enter the supply, owing to some unusual condition. Jacksonville has an underground water supply…

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