Bloomington, Ill., Fire Prevention Campaign

Issue 26 and Volume 66.

Bloomington, Ill., Fire Prevention Campaign Chief Henry Mayer of Bloomington, Ill., is engaged in an important campaign of fire prevention. One of the methods he has employed is the use of printed forms to be given to. school children to take home, for their parents to fill out, which call attention to the many varieties of fire hazard that may exist in dwellings. The psychology of human nature makes it practically certain that both parents and children will be eager to make as good a showing as possible, and will effect a general cleaning up of rubbish that otherwise would be undisturbed—until a fire disturbed it. Instruction in fire hazards is also given to the pupils, and their interest enlisted in every possible way. Dealing directly with the adult population, the chief writes to all whose premises need attention, and if his instructions are disregarded, takes a photographer with him…

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