Issue 27 and Volume 66.

RECENT IMPORTANT FIRES Hoboken Navy Frame Clubhouse Burned with Loss of Life—Knoxville Church Saved— Burlington’s Hardest Fought Fire—Losses of Week Knoxville Church Badly Damaged The fire that recently destroyed the interior of the Episcopal Church of St. John, Knoxville, Tenn., is believed to have been caused by overheating the furnace during the morning service. The fire was discovered by the janitor shortly after the close of the service. When the department arrived and opened the door of the furnace room in order to reach the seat of the fire, such dense volumes of smoke rolled out that it was impossible to enter. Great streams of water were thrown into the basement and auditorium and finally the fire was brought under control and stopped without serious damage having been done to the exterior. The interior was completely ruined. Chief Boyd said that it was one of the most stubborn fires in…

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