Farmers Form Association for Fire Protection

Issue 27 and Volume 66.

Farmers Form Association for Fire Protection An association has been formed by residents of the district within a radius of ten miles from Batavia, N. Y., for the purpose of buying apparatus for protecting their homes in case of fire. The New Genesee County Rural Fire Truck Association is the name chosen by the organizers and A. D. Gall of Stafford was elected president. Plans will soon be made for purchasing a fire truck and chemical and hose engine, to cost about $3,500. Every road will have the houses numbered, like a street, so that the firemen will know where to go when called. All farmers in the district will be invited to join and each will be assessed $1 per thousand on the valuation of his property and will also pay for the firemen’s time and for replenishing the apparatus if he should be obliged to use it. Those…

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