A Triumph for Municipal Ownership

Issue 27 and Volume 66.

A Triumph for Municipal Ownership As showing what one city has accomplished under municipal ownership, and as a suggestion to other towns similarly situated, the first report of the board of public works of Boonville, Mo., with a population of 4,252 at the last census is a document of considerable interest. Prior to 1905, the city was served by a privately owned system, which in that year was acquired by the city. The board of public works is composed of J. L. Davis, president; Fred Dauwalter, secretary; Clarence Shears, G. A. Wayland, Charles G. Miller, accountant, and D. M. Earhart, superintendent. The following excerpts from the report will give some idea of the advantages derived from public ownership: On July 1, 1905, the city of Boonville, after negotiations covering a period of two years, acquired all the property, rights and franchises of the Boonville Water Company. The price paid for…

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