The Uniformed Force and Fire Prevention

Issue 1 and Volume 67.

The Uniformed Force and Fire Prevention Necessity of Fire Prevention Education Through Medium of _____he Public Schools—Men Should Talk to Scholars—Must Know Layout of Buildings in District CAPTAIN C. ALBERT GASSER Inspector Bureau of Combustibles and Fire Risks, Newark, N. J. “WHAT precautions are taken against fire?” That was one of the questions on an application for a permit TO keep inflammable liquids. When the blank reached headquarters the answer had been written in like this: “The Commercial Union Fire Insurance Company of New York.” This is a fact. I have the original application. And if the truth were known, thousands of people in the United States are in exactly the same situation, depending entirely upon fire insurance for protection and giving absolutely no thought to prevention. Constant appeals to be careful instead of careless, do not seem to bring about the desired results, but in a spirit of being…

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