Determining the Quality of Water in Streams*

Issue 1 and Volume 67.

Determining the Quality of Water in Streams* Polluting Material Divided into Two Classes—Disappearance of Fish as a Criterion—Dissolved Oxygen as an Index to Pollution—Bottom Mud Suggested as Samples for Testing Amount of Contamination MINNA E. JEWELL Biological Chemist State Water Survey Division, of Illinois IN making a survey of the natural resources of a state the importance of rivers has long been recognized. To-day there is hardly a stream of size which has not been gauged at one or more points so that the amount of water passing a point at any given time, or the total discharge for the year, may be approximated. Important as it is to know the amount of water furnished by a stream, it is of as great or greater importance to know the quality. Heretofore the method of judging the sanitary quality of water of a stream has been to approximate the stream flow…

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