Fire Hydrant Maintenance in Cold Weather

Issue 2 and Volume 67.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance in Cold Weather Replies to Questionnaire as to Care and System of Inspection—Blank Forms Illustrated—Description of Appliances and Methods of Thawing to Follow (Continued from page 27) FOLLOWING is a continuation of replies to the questionnaire sent out by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING as regards the care and maintenance of fire hydrants during the cold weather. As explained in our last issue, the answers are numbered to correspond with the questions asked, which were as below: Who has charge of maintenance of hydrants? What types and sizes of hydrants are used in your city? What precautions are taken to prevent freezing? Who is responsible for the thawing of frozen hydrants? What method and apparatus is used in thawing? Have you a system of regular hydrant inspection? If so, who is in charge? In a later issue will be published descriptions and illustrations of various appliances and methods…

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