Fire Prevention from the Housewife’s Standpoint*

Issue 2 and Volume 67.

Fire Prevention from the Housewife’s Standpoint* BY REQUEST of the Secretary of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs to prepare a paperon Fire Prevention from the Housewife’s Standpoint, I will endeavor to draw your attention to the following remarks and suggestions: The housewife has it in her power to reduce the fire loss considerably. Nothing is worse than a careless housekeeper in causing or promoting fires, which not only destroy property, but very often cause loss of life. What is the first care of every housewife? To look to the safety of her children. What is the best way to safeguard her children? By being careful of fires. We have all seen carelessness in the homes; not even are our fire chiefs exempt, and sometimes are to blame. This is a question that all serious minded men and women should face squarely and should undertake to reduce fires in homes.…

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