Patching Fire Hose

Issue 2 and Volume 67.

Patching Fire Hose To the Editor: Is it practical to patch a new length of fire hose which has been cut? If so, how can it be done? Respectfully yours, Jersey City, N. J., December 20, 1919. Answer: It is practical but not satisfactory. It is usually tested to only 100 pounds after being patched. The patch for rubber lined hose is termed a “round patch,” and is made by stitching up damaged portion, putting on three coats of solution three inches on each side of stitching, and the whole way around the hose, and then placing a piece of canvas already coated over it, the ends overlapping about an inch. The patch for unlined hose is termed a “flat patch,” the hose being treated as before, with the exception that the canvas used is only sufficiently large to cover the damaged part. The solution used is composed of bisulphide…

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