Water Waste Prevention Survey

Issue 2 and Volume 67.

Water Waste Prevention Survey First Step, Division of Mains into Permanent Districts—Measurement of District Flow at Frequent Intervals—Surveys for Locating Leaks— Use of Aquaphone—Organization of Properly Balanced Force Essential FOLLOWING is the conclusion of the paper by Mr. Lanham begun in the January 7 issue, which, as we announced in that number, forms an interesting sequel to the series of articles on a similar subject by William M. Crowe, assistant engineer, Philadelphia Bureau of Water, published in the September, October and November issues, that is dealing with water waste surveys in the city of Philadelphia. The present paper was read by Air. Lanham before the recent convention of the New England Water Works Association at Albany, and created a decided impression at that gathering. This section of the paper deals with water waste surveys in the capitol.-EDITOR. The lower illustration, (Fig. 4) shows another chart of subdivision night test in…

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