Standardization of Hose Coupling Threads

Issue 2 and Volume 67.

Standardization of Hose Coupling Threads Important Report of Committee of National Board Having Matter in Charge—History of Movement—Work of Standardization—Field Results Obtained—Tools in Use IN the message of President John Kenlon, of the International Association of Fire Engineers, published in the last issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, one of the matters on which he laid especial stress was that of Standardization. The advantage of the adoption of a standard for all matters connected with the science of fire fighting is so obvious that comment seems unnecessary, and yet, up to the present time, many matters connected with the fire service have been allowed to run along in a haphazard way, each department working out its own sweet will with never a thought for its neighbor or for the service in general. One of the most flagrant cases of this lack of system or coordination has been that of the…

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