Fire Report of Hornell, N. Y., Department

Issue 2 and Volume 67.

Fire Report of Hornell, N. Y., Department The annual report just submitted to the department of public safety by the Hornell (N. Y.), fire bureau, of which J. M. Hederman is chief, shows that that city had only 87 fire alarms in 1919. Four of these were false and of the remainder, only two were serious in any degree and the total loss amounted to the very small sum of $8, 653.85. The causes of the fires are classified as follows: Children playing with matches, 9; careless use of matches 12; defective flues, 9; candle, 1 ; oil stove, 1 ; wires becoming crossed with heavier electric circuit, 4; sparks from burning rubbish and bonfires, 5; sparks from chimneys, 2; sparks from locomotives, 2; cigar and cigarettes, 4; automobile fires, 2; hot water heater, 1; lightning, 9; curtain fires, 2; defective gas appliances, 1; gas explosions, 2; swinging gas jet,…

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