Fire Hydrant Maintenance in Cold Weather

Issue 5 and Volume 67.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance in Cold Weather A Still Undeveloped Method of Inspection and Test Described—Uses of Steam and Hot Water as Applied to the Thawing of Frozen Hydrants (Continued front page 213) Oiling and repairs: If there is any considerable leakage at the stuffing box, the valve stem should be repacked and oiled. If the leakage is slight, the probabilities are that tightening the stuffing box nut will stop the leak. In any event, before leaving the hydrant, the packing in the stuffing box should be oiled, as the packing dries out and leakage results. Where provision is made in the hydrant for oiling, the valve stem should be oiled. Each of the caps on the hydrant should have the threads swabbed with a mixture of lubricating oil and graphite, and the caps should be placed on the butts and drawn tight. This should leave the hydrant in excellent condition.…

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