Use of High Pressure System in Snow Removal

Issue 5 and Volume 67.

Use of High Pressure System in Snow Removal On February 13, at 4.30 P. M., orders were received at the Oliver Street high pressure station of the New York City water department from Chief Kenlon, of the fire department, to start pressure pumping at 100 pounds pressure. At 4.50 P. M. the pressure was ordered increased to 125 pounds, and pumping continued at this pressure until 12.03 A. M. on February 14, when the station was ordered to shut down. During this time one pump was operated and discharged 1,210,000 gallons. On February 14 at 9.59 A. M. the Gansevoort Street station was directed by the fire department to start pumping at 100 pounds pressure, and pumping was continued until 11.17 P. M., the total pumpage being 4,368,000 gallons. The pumps consumed power at such a rate that the cost of operation for power was about $13 per hour. The…

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