Chief Kenlon and Snow Removal

Issue 5 and Volume 67.

Chief Kenlon and Snow Removal It was a very wise move on the part of Mayor T. F. Hylan, of the city of New York, to place at the head of the snow removal committee Chief John Kenlon of the fire department. The situation in the metropolis since the late blizzard, which tied up traffic and rendered the streets well-nigh impassable, has been intolerable. The storm was a peculiar one, the falling snow being interspersed with sleet and hail which caused the ground covering to freeze into compact and solid ice, so that its removal necessitated the use of pickaxe and shovel, and was a slow process. Chief Kenlon, as noted in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING a week ago, pointed out the great peril from conflagration that this condition entailed. Not only were the narrow streets blocked with stalled trucks and other motor vehicles, but in many cases the fire…

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