Issue 6 and Volume 67.

GENERAL WATER ITEMS Lawrence, Mass., has engaged the National Water Main Cleaning Company, of New York, to clean the main and suction pipes of the water service of the city. When the water officials of Lowell, Mass., decided to turn on the water supply that had been shut off from a tenement block of ten families for non-payment of water rent, it was found that the pipes were so completely frozen that it was necessary to lay new pipes into the building. Too much wishbone and not enough backbone is a bad combination. It takes backbone to save; wishing won’t get you anywhere, but Thrift Stamps and Government Savings Stamps will if systematically purchased. Save for a Government Savings Stamp. Buy one 25-cent stamp during Thrift Stamp Week, March 1 to 6. The Merkel Machinery Company of Kansas City, bought the bonds offered for sale by the city of Henryetta,…

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