Two-Platoon Legislation

Issue 9 and Volume 67.

Two-Platoon Legislation The address of the Honorable W. H. H. Miller before the annual convention of the Illinois Firemen’s Association, published in another column, emphasizes the necessity of proper legislation of state bodies providing for the adoption of the two-platoon system. So often it has happened that states’ legislators have provided by law for the adoption by cities of a certain class of the twoplatoon system and have stopped here, with no provision of necessary funds to provide for the natural increase in the fire-fighting forces made necessary by the double shift. This one omission on the part of the states’ legislators and cities’ councils has done more harm to the cause of the two-platoon movement than all the adverse criticism combined. Not only this, but failure to provide the necessary funds has put the chief in the unfortunate position to be unable to carry out a very meritorious and…

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