Issue 9 and Volume 67.

GENERAL WATER ITEMS The 1,000,000-gallon reservoir at Union Dam for the Canton, Ohio, water works system, will soon be filled with water, Superintendent Ohliger has announced. Only some concrete work remains to be finished and the basin thoroughly cleaned. The 30-inch main has been connected successfully with the Tod pump, after one accident at the first attempt, when the derrick broke and allowed a section of pipe to fall into the ditch. The board of control of Youngstown, Ohio, recently rejected six bids submitted on 5,864 tons of cast iron pipe wanted for extension of water service. Service Director Ett S. Smith stated that as the lowest bid was $71.80 a ton, while the highest ever paid before was $51.80, and as there is sufficient pipe on hand to fill all emergency needs, the board decided to postpone extensions until prices reached a more nearly normal condition. The village of…

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