Issue 9 and Volume 67.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS Annual Report of Lakewood Fire Department The annual report of Chief Joseph H. Speddy of the Lakewood, Ohio, fire department has been received and is a comprehensive but carefully condensed document, showing the number of fire alarms to have been 282, of which 51 were false or unnecessary calls. There were 82 fires in frame buildings and 17 in brick, with 25 unclassified and 107 fires other than in buildings. Of the entire number 230 were confined to the place of origin and only one reached the adjoining building, none going beyond. Two of the structures were equipped with sprinkler systems. The number of feet of hose laid was 25,800, and 66 lines were laid. There were 45 engine streams thrown and 21 hydrant streams. The total value of property involved was $28,376,010, on which the loss amounted to 214,831. The chief’s car responded to 191 calls…

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