Brooklyn Shirtwaist Factory Burns

Issue 9 and Volume 67.

Brooklyn Shirtwaist Factory Burns Herewith is shown an illustration of the New York City, Brooklyn Borough, fire department at work at the recent fire which destroyed a shirtwaist factory at De Kalb and Lexington Avenues in that borough. The fire started late in the afternoon from some unascertained cause. It was Saturday, the half holiday reducing the number of workers, and in consequence the fire was not immediately discovered. Owing to this delay in turning in the alarm the blaze had gained great headway when the fire department arrived on the scene, and the building, which was a large four-story brick structure, was entirely involved and little could be done to save it. However, by devoting their attention to the exposures and promptly covering them, the Brooklyn men managed to confine the blaze principally to the building in which the fire originated, though some of the adjoining structures were damaged.…

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