Report of Water Department, Watertown, Mass.

Issue 10 and Volume 67.

Report of Water Department, Watertown, Mass. The 23rd annual report of the water department of Watertown, of which David S. Rundlett is superintendent, contains full data on the present condition of the water works and its needs for the future. It shows that considerable extension of mains was effected, 5,389 feet having been added so that the total main now in service is a little more than 51 miles. Of this total about one-ninth is pipe less then four inches in diameter. The total of service pipes in use is 22,729 miles, and there are 3,295 taps in service, all of which are metered. The report states: “The results of the new supply by means of the intake from the metropolitan main at Brighton have been very successful even beyond expectation. While it has not yet been subjected to the supreme test of a serious conflagration yet its efficiency must…

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