Excellent Water Supply of Kalispell, Montana

Issue 10 and Volume 67.

Excellent Water Supply of Kalispell, Montana Purity of Water, From Springs, Approved by State Board of Health—Mineral Content Not High—Original Distribution System in Use Twenty-seven Years—Increase in Meterage IN securing a water supply for public or for private use, the question of quality is of supreme importance. An adequate or copious supply is not so much to be desired if it means that quantity must be purchased at the expense of quality. Kalispell is fortunate in having a supply embracing both quality and quantity. The value of purity is by many not rated as high as it should be. A good and adequate water supply is absolutely necessary to any community and to practically every person in the community. Upon this depends the health of the people and the protection of their property from fire. There is a charm and satisfaction attached to the cool, sparkling draught from a natural…

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