Recent Important Fires Specially Reported

Issue 10 and Volume 67.

Recent Important Fires Specially Reported Bridge Between Troy and Cohoes Partly Destroyed, Owing to Inflammable Wood Block Flooring—Church Saved in Dixon, Ill.—Other Fire Losses of the Week Heavy Damage to Bridge Over Hudson The fire which destroyed the Troy and Cohoes, N. Y. Bridge, located at 12th Street, North End, was discovered about 5:45 P. M. After a delay of at least ten minutes, a telephone call, followed by a box alarm, was sent in, being answered by two steamers, one truck and one chemical companies, under command of Battalion Chief Wike. When the first company arrived, the center of the bridge was a mass of flames and the smoke so dense that you could not see 50 feet away, and notwithstanding the denial of the Traction Company, the bridge was heavily charged with electricity from end to end, making the fire very difficult to fight, Chief Comelius A. Casey…

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