The Automobile Housing Hazard

Issue 10 and Volume 67.

The Automobile Housing Hazard Since the introduction of the automobile as a pleasure and commercial vehicle, becoming as it is more and more general, many new fire hazards have arisen to vex the chief. The highly combustible character of the fuels and oils used in the engines of these machines constitute, when carelessly or ignorantly handled, a danger that is second to none in respect to fire and explosion. In our Fire Prevention Section this week the various dangers of this source are pointed out by the veteran chief of the Canton, Ohio, fire department, R. O. Mesnar, in a very practical paper on Inspection to Reduce Fire Loss. He tells of instances where automobiles are stored in frame barns filled so full of inflammable material and rubbish that there is scarce room to run in a machine; of garages built into the basement of houses; of open stoves in…

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