Water Works Bookkeeping and Accounting

Issue 12 and Volume 67.

Water Works Bookkeeping and Accounting Simple Plan in Use by Queens County Water Company of New York City—Ledger Cards— iMonthly Billing Has Given Satisfaction for Sixteen Years (Continued from page 587) IN distinction to the elaborate system in use in the water department at Springfield, the following letter with the accompanying forms illustrates a scheme of bookkeeping almost bald in its simplicity, and yet which, especially for a small water works department, has some advantages. It is that in use by the Queens County Water Company, which supplies several towns in the borough of Queens, New York City with offices at Carlton Avenue, near railroad, Far Rockaway. This district includes several large summer colonies, with a floating population inhabiting small bungalows during the summer period only, therefore, the monthly system of billing is practically imperative in these instances. In a conversation with a representative of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, S.…

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