Issue 12 and Volume 67.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS New Fire House for Bridgeport Suburb Plans for the new fire apparatus building at Lordship Manor, a suburb of Bridgeport, Conn., have been completed, and will be submitted for bids shortly. It is estimated that the structure will cost approximately $12,000. About one half of the money to pay for the new station has already been raised through popular subscription. On the ground floor will be ample space for fire fighting machinery. The upper story will be used as an auditorium and community building. Fire Department Called Out by Accident to Box On this page is illustrated a fire alarm box which was torn from its support by a runaway team of horses colliding with it in the city of Regina, Sask., Can. When this happened three rounds from this box were registered in the fire houses. The box. No 54, was situated on the corner of…

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