Two Lessons in Recent Fires

Issue 12 and Volume 67.

Two Lessons in Recent Fires Two recent fires as reported in the columns of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING have emphasized certain important lessons in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting. The first is in the case of the bridge extending between Troy and Cohoes, N. Y. This structure, in spite of the fact that it was constructed of steel, when the center spans caught fire burned so rapidly and fiercely that the middle sections dropped into Hudson River a mass of tangled and twisted steel. The secret of this quick destruction was that the flooring of the bridge was composed of wood blocks treated with creosote and bound with tar, which naturally was exceedingly inflammable. This dangerous combination is a favorite flooring, and every bridge upon which it is laid contains a potential fire risk awaiting only the necessary spark to cause a very hot blaze. The other matter, which a…

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