Issue 12 and Volume 67.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE Copyright, 1920, by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, INC. THE HANDLING OF FIRES IN VESSELS (Continued from page 589) Oxygen Cutting Torch This burner or torch is one of the most valuable tools used in the marine division; it is used for cutting holes in the steel decks and bulkheads of vessels; without it in a great many cases it would have been an impossibility to check the spread of fire; as it was we were able to cut through steel deck plates and bulkheads, dropping down distributers, Hart and Baker cellar pipes, and operate lines through the openings made. It consists of one cylinder of gas and one cylinder of oxygen, 25 feet of rubber hose, 25 feet of woven copper wire hose, two combination pressure and working gauges and the torch. The operation is as follows: Caps are removed from the tops of the…

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