Issue 12 and Volume 67.

CORRESPONDENCE (Note—While gladly publishing letters front its readers, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING does not hold itself responsible for the views expressed THEREIN.—EDITOR.) Pneumatic Tires on Apparatus To the Editor: I have read the letter in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, February 4, 1920, calling attention to article and picture of the Mais Fire Truck, wherein they make a statement that this was the first fire engine ever equipped with pneumatic tires, and for the benefit of year readers and officials who are contemplating equipping their motor fire apparatus with pneumatic tires would state that the old Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company equipped all their pumping engines with pneumatic tires, and might mention the following Webb motor pumping engines sold and placed in service in 1909 that I personally sold as their eastern agent: Trenton, N. J.; Wilmington, Del.; New Bedford, Mass., and Hull, Mass. All these engines are in service and…

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