Issue 12 and Volume 67.

WATER WORKS NEWS Service Director Thinks Meters Save Half of Water In a recent talk before the Chamber of Commerce Forum. Eteubenville, Ohio, Service Director S. W. Criss made the statement that operating expenses in the water works could be reduced fifty per cent, and the water supply proportionately conserved by the introduction of a general meter system. The per capita consumption last year, according to the service director, amounted to 160 gallons daily and the actual domestic consumption per capita was 120 gallons, while normal use should not exceed 75 or 80 gallons. The filtration plant was planned to take care of 60,000 people but the waste is such that the system is pushed to the limit to supply a city half that size. Unless meterage be adopted, he asserted, it would soon be necessary to increase filtering and pumping capacity at a cost, probably, of many thousands of…

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