The Salvation Army

Issue 4 and Volume 13.

The Salvation Army SOME philosopher has said that, next to a fireman, a sailor is the most sentimental fellow on earth. In other words, a Fireman’s the original Sentimental Tommy. The astonishing slant to this statement is that such should be the case about two weathef-beaten types of he-men like sailors and firemen. They are suposed to be calloused by hardship, suerffing and perilous work. If you are inclined to admit the sentimentality of the Firemen, here’s a little story that clinches things. It’s not a very world-important story, as stories go these days; it didn’t crowd Politics, Prohibition or Profiteering off’n the front pages of the newspapers. But it does show that a fireman’s heart is still as tender as—well, as a fully developed man’s heart always should be. The War Cry, the Salvation Army weekly newspaper, had the story. It was just the other day. We’ll reprint it…

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