Issue 4 and Volume 13.

MORTALITY STATISTICS OF THE UNITED STATES The death rate of the United States for the year 1918 was 18 per 1,000 population, according to the bulletin on “Mortality Statistics” recently issued by the Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce. This rate is based on statistics in the registration area of the United States, exclusive of Hawaii, which comprises 77.8 per cent, of the total estimated population of the United States. The record of deaths in this area in 1918 totaled 1,471,367, including 26,209 soldiers, sailors, and marines. The mortality rate for the registration area in 1917 was 14.2 per 1,000 population. The increase in 1918 is entirely attributable to the pandemic of influenza. The greatest mortality occurred in children under five years of age, the total in this class amounting to 306,143. The second greatest mortality by age periods was among those from 25 to 29 years of age,…

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