Issue 4 and Volume 13.

BIWABIK HAS SPEED Bawabik fire laddies are confident they hold the record for speed. In any event no department has come forward as yet to contest their claim of seven miles in twelve minutes and through snow and zero weather at that. On the night of Dec. 17 the Biwabik department received an urgent call from Aurora, a village seven miles distant. The call was an S. O. S. and the department without delay unlimbered its Seagrave combination pump and chemical truck and with orders to the driver to “step on ’er” fairly tore out of the station. In twelve minutes the truck was in Aurora and four minutes later the crew had the necessary hose strung and was playing water on the fire. The entire distance was made through heavy snow and with the mercury nearly thirty below. When the run was made it was on the day that…

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